Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lime Mascarpone Cream Puffs (a.k.a HEAVEN!)

 Finally, the day has arrived where you all get to see what I've been hinting at for so long.  The combination of three great things to make one fabulous treat.  The ingredients are simple, the flavors are complex and delectable.  There is the rich mascarpone cheese, the light whipped cream, the crispy shells and oh, the tartness of the lime curd that all come together into a marriage of pure bliss. This is a dessert that is SURE to please the masses at your next getogether and impress even those that are hard to impress...after all you get to say you made the cheese that went into the fancy French pastry (pâte à choux), that was mixed with the real whipped cream and combined with the fresh lime curd.  Pretty darn impressive if you ask me!
Lime Mascarpone Cream Puffs

Recipe Source: A Cooks Quest

Cream Puff Shells
Mascarpone Cheese (6 oz or so)
2/3 cup Lime curd (or lemon if you like)
Heavy Cream
3 tablespoons sugar

In a mixer whip the heavy cream and sugar together until stiff peaks form.

Meanwhile, combine the mascarpone cheese and lime curd.  The lime curd will turn a pale green color.  This is why I added the food coloring.  The final product will have a wonderful green color to it so your friends will have an idea what they are about to eat.
Stir some of the whipped cream into the mascarpone cheese mixture to lighten it up a bit.  Then add the cheese to the bowl with the whipped cream and fold the two mixtures together.  Be gently here, you want to maintain the integrity of the whipped cream. 
Next, fill a pastry bag fitted with a simple round tip with your filling.  Gently poke the bottom of a cream puff shell with the pastry tip and pipe the filling inside.  Or cut the tops off and fill them and then replace the tops.  It doesn't really matter which method you choose...they both taste great!
 Top with powdered sugar and enjoy!

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  1. Hello Heaven, AGAIN! All I have to say is, you rock. I hope you don't grow bored of my comments they are all pretty much the same. You rock, you rock, you rock!