Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chicken Challenge Phase Three-Linguini with Chicken, Broccoli & Sun Dried Tomatoes in Alfredo Sauce

Tonight is the last night of the Chicken Challenge.  Like the other chicken recipes I presented, this isn't a fancy recipe, just an easy "go-to" meals for busy weeknights. It is quick to prepare, easy on my budget and very very tasty!   The beauty of alfredo suace is that so many other foods pair with it nicely.  Since I only had one cup of chicken left, I had to stretch this meal in order to feed all five of us.  I added some frozen broccoli and about 3/4 c of the sundried tomatoes I recently made.  Delicious I tell you!  Even my two broccoli hating boys finished thier servings which always makes a mama proud :)

Linguini with Chicken, Broccoli & Sun Dried Tomatoes in Alfredo Sauce
Recipe Source: A Cook's Quest

1 box pasta
1 jar of alfredo sauce (or you can make your own)
1 c cooked chicken, chopped
3 cups of broccoli
3/4 c sun dried tomatoes drained and chopped

Boil pasta.  When almost done, throw in the broccoli to cook until crisp tender.  Before draining the pasta reserve about 2/3 c of the pasta water.  Drain pasta and brocoli.  Return to pot.  Add chicken, sun dried tomatoes, alfredo sauce and some of the reserved pasta water.  Mix with tongs.  If needed add more pasta water to thin the sauce.  We like saucy noodles, while some people don't so do what you like best.  Serve with your favorite side.  We got a full dinner for five people and enough left overs for two lunch servings.

I haven't figured out the total cost of this dish yet. I am guessing about $2.00 because the pasta sauce was only .50 and so were the noodles.  The broccoli was cheap and I made my own tomatoes.  I will post the total cost of this Chicken Challenge tomorrow night with all the details of each meal.
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