Monday, February 22, 2010

A Cook's Quest Chicken Challenge!

Not too long ago, even after I started couponing and really watching our food budget, I was a chicken waster. I would roast a lovely chicken to golden perfection, stuffed full of fragrant herbs and veggies and rubbed with butter, then serve it to my family along with the appropriate side dishes. To some this may not appear to be a crime, but to a cook on a budget it is a very serious offense. There is a lot more to a chicken than picking the breast meat off and letting the kids fight over who got the chicken leg last time and who gets it this time (why can’t chickens have three legs? It would help my family out a lot!).

I have in the past, on occasion, ok, only one time actually, used a chicken to its full potential. I roasted it, served a meal, then took the rest of the meat off the bones for another meal and then boiled the bones to make my own chicken stock for another delicious meal of some kind. But, I never did it again even though I had plenty of good intentions and I have no idea why not. One chicken can easily feed a family of five over multiple meals and it seems silly to waste what could feed my family.

What is the point of this confession you ask? Well all this examination of my conscience made me come up with the Cook’s Quest Chicken Challenge (say that one really fast) to try to prevent my friends and loyal readers from becoming, or remaining, chicken wasters. Over the next few day I am going to share with all of you what I can do with one five pound chicken and hope that it inspires you to think of creative ways to use budget friendly protein choices in ways that can stretch your dollar.  See you soon!
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  1. I have a few recipes I use for my chicken extras. When we are done with the chicken, I chop up or shred what is left and use it in several other meals. Of course there is the standby Chicken Noodle Soup(try adding a couple drops of Tabasco Sauce for a different taste), but we also like White Lightening Chili, Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Quesadillas, Chicken Pot Pie, Curry Chicken Salad, One Dish Chicken Bake, just to name a few! <3 Chicken!

  2. Great suggestions Michelle! Send them my way I will give them a try. I'm hoping that chickens go on a great sale again soon.