Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Name the one place you should never put your camera....

We all have those moments when we look at an object and think, "I should move that," or "that's not a good idea," and for whatever reason we don't move the item or we keep doing whatever it is we just told ourself not to do.  And inevitably, at least for me anyway, I regret not listening to myself because whatever "it" is does happen and things go very wrong.

Case in point--my camera. No it wasn't the Pentax that my sister in law owns that takes amazing photos every time and makes even the most inept people like myself feel like real photographers, but it was a nice little digital camera that I loved using.  It was easy to operate, took pretty good pictures and helped make my food look good enough to eat, so why I put it in the windowsill of my kitchen window I will never know.  I am clueless as to why I didn't move it the instant I thought, "hmmm, maybe that isn't a good place to put that." 

It at all started so normally.  I had placed a bowl into the sink, and began filling it with hot soapy water so I could use it for my next recipe.  The day had been beautiful and I had the window open.  As I stood there I reached up and started to close the window...yes the same window, with the same windowsill that my nice little camera was sitting on.  Before I realized what was happening, there was a splash.  At the same time soapy dishwater shot straight into my right eye. The situation at hand was rapidly going from bad to really really bad.  Slightly blind now, I used one hand to try and grab a dish towel to wipe my face and with the other hand reach into the sink for my camera.  Ouch!  Hot water!  With a stinging eye and a slightly burned hand I managed to fish my camera out of the suds and turn off the faucet.  My husband then emerged, and watched me use one hand to dump rice into a bowl, rip the memory card out  of the camera and toss it into the grains hoping, that like a cell phone, the rice would pull the moisture out of my such luck. The moisture got in, my camera doesn't work anymore and the only good thing is that my memory card was salvaged along with all the memories on it.

So next time you have that little thought don't ignore it.  Move the object, close the door, stop doing what ever it is your are doing and listen to yourself.  Oh, and most importantly, don't put your camera in a is a very bad idea!
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