Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Super Bowl Snacks...and everyone survived!

After a busy weekend of mini family reunions, birthday parties and a formal dance, the last thing I wanted to do was make snacks for the super bowl.  So I didn't.  Instead the boys all watched the game, and I sorted my pantry items making sure that the oldest items were in the front, and everything else was neat and tidy. 

Because I was in anti-cooking mode, my children were left to their own creativity when it came to snacks.  The oldest, (B1), prepared a snack consisting of chocolate ice cream, bananas, Ritz crackers and a chocolate kiss on top.  It must have been good, because he ate it all but I'm not too upset that none was offered to me.

The second child, (B2) prepared a snack not only for herself, but also one for her daddy.  There is nothing better than the creative snacks that children prepare for their parents.  I know my husband enjoyed his Graham cracker, covered in peanut butter and then topped with cheerios, (I know you are drooling as you read this right now).  B2 prepared for herself, a sliced banana topped with pieces of apple jack cereal, (one of each color) and a chocolate kiss.  Mmmm, tasty stuff I tell ya!

After watching them all eat their snacks the guilt kicked in a little bit and I decided that next year, I will make food that my family will love.  It will give me something to do, and they won't have to fend for themselves.
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