Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cherry Salsa

Last year, for the first time ever, I grew a vegetable garden. Now it wasn't a great big elaborate garden, just the basic home vegetable garden chock full of red tomatoes, spicy peppers, cool cucumbers and sweet strawberries. I decided to utilize the space that shrubs and flowers are normally planted for vegetables because after moving into our home, putting in the fence and doing some basic landscaping in the front yard we were out of money to finish the rest. I didn't want dirt, and I couldn't afford the landscaping I wanted, so I decided to try something new and the garden was a complete success.

We repeated the process again this year, adding some new things including herbs, not because there was a lack of funds but for the enjoyment of growing our own food. Everyone loved watching the garden grow last year and tasting all the fresh vegetables. We all check the garden at least once a day to see if there is something ready to bring in, and it was during my little inspection a few nights ago that I thought of making this cherry salsa.
As I looked at my jalapenos that were ready to be picked I thought that the cherries I've been trying to use up would be good with a little heat. You might remember that sweet and spicy is one my favorite combinations. So this morning as a treat to my co-workers I made this salsa. Now, I don't really like cherries but this combo was great! The cherries were sweet and the pepper added just a little kick of heat, and the cilantro added a great burst of freshness. We ate it on regular tortilla chips and everyone loved the results. In fact my boss took the left overs home to serve over the fish she was eating for dinner.

Cherry Salsa
Recipe Source: A Cook's Quest

2 cups cherries, pitted
1-2 jalapenos (you decide on this one)
1/4 cup very finely diced onion
1/2 cilantro (measured before it's chopped)
1 tsp. sugar
lime zest
lime juice

Chop your cherries, jalapenos (I would recommend wearing gloves on this one,) onion and cilantro. This can be done by hand or if you want pulse everything in a food processor. It really depends on how you like your salsa. Add the zest of the lime and the juice. Season to taste with salt.

This got better as the day went on. I would recommend making it at least 2 hours in advance for the flavors to come together. Like most salsa recipes, feel free to substitute your favorite flavors and use the produce that is fresh to your area!

Total cost $.42
Sugar $.02
Lime $.15
Onion $.25

Jalapeno-FREE (garden)
Cilantro-FREE (garden)
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  1. you are hilarious ...total cost 0.42...yes but who can measure the love you put into growing your own food...no amount of money can be compared to what you get in return...

  2. Jelena you are so right! I never thought about love that goes into growing your food and then preparing it.

  3. Posting tomorrow on Fab Frug. Loving your recipes. I was SHOCKED when I loved this salsa. I'm not normally a sweet/spicy kind of gal when it comes to salsa (I hate mango salsas, etc.), but I LOVED this! Thanks!

  4. I hope all your readers enjoy it at Fabulously Frugal too! Everyone that tried it adored it. My boss said it was wonderful over her grilled fish. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!!