Thursday, August 5, 2010

It is "that" time again....

The "time" I refer to is the end of summer term at school.  Why I ever thought that cramming 10 weeks of information into 8 weeks with the schedule that my family has I will never understand.  At first (the first 3-4weeks) everything was OK, I had found a good balance between family, work and school but, oh yes, there is a but, all of a sudden the universe started spinning much faster, my days began slipping by in nano-seconds and then all of a sudden I found myself falling behind, struggling to keep up and praying that I would survive and retain the required information in order to pass those dreaded finals.

Well the end is almost here, I have been eating, breathing, and living school in every spare second I can find.  There has been no time for cooking, or grocery shopping or house cleaning, only survival people.  Luckily, my family is wonderful, my husband and children have been maintaining the house and no one stares too much as the circles around my eyes from lack of sleep make me look more and more like those cute little raccoons down by the river. 

So everyone, please hang in there with me as I finish this last week of school.  I promise that as soon as it is all over I will be cooking again, trying out all those great recipes  and sharing them with anyone willing to read my blog.  Wish me luck, and if I don't return within 7 days come looking for me I might just be buried under my laptop trying to study for my physics exam.
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