Saturday, October 9, 2010


Croutons are one of those over looked things that anyone can make but not many do. If you have bread, oil or butter, and some seasonings you have the makings for a mighty fine crouton.  Now I ask, why do people choose to buy them verses making them?  The kind found in the grocery store are rock hard and salty, not to mention they just aren't very good for us.  So here is a simple lesson on croutons.  Try it and see just how easy it is to elevate even the most basic salad to something better.

 by A Cook's Quest

Stale Bread-Any variety just make sure it isn't flimsy sandwich bread.  Many times your bakery will have the day old bread marked down.  This is the stuff you want, still edible and not hard as a store bought crouton.
Butter or olive oil
Parmesan Cheese
Dry Italian Herbs
Really whatever you think tastes good will work!

Cut the bread into desired size cubes.

Put the bread into a bowl, drizzle butter/oil over top and toss lightly.  Add your seasonings tossing gently.  Taste.  Does it taste good?  If the answer is yes dump your bread onto a cookie sheet in a single layer and toast at 400 F until the bread is light brown and a little crispy.

 If the answer is no, keep adding "stuff" until you like the taste then proceed to the toasting step.

Add to your favorite salad and enjoy!  We used ours with a simple iceberg/green leaf lettuce salad topped with homemade ranch.  Delicious!

Total Cost-$.99
The seasonings were just pennies $.09 (ish)
Bread $.60 (1/2  of a marked down bakery loaf)
Parmesan Cheese $.30
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  1. Believe it or not I HAVE made croutons! Yummy!

  2. Finally, someone who doesn't think I'm weird for making my own!