Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time to slow down...

First I want to thank everyone who visits my blog for the reading my ramblings about food, making food, and my perspective of food.  Without everyone who visits I don't know that I would have enjoyed this process as much as I do.  Blogging and cooking really are activities that bring me great joy, but so is  going to school and participating in the many events my children do.  I am at a point right now that something has to give and with the upcoming college term fast approaching I realize that I have to step away from the areas of my life that don't support my family or my education.  This blog is one of those things.  No I'm not quitting all together, but rather giving myself permission to slow down and not apply undo pressure to myself. 

So what does this mean?  My goal is to post at least once a week, maybe more if my schedule allows, maybe less if I just can't get to it, but I will still be here and as my schedule allows I will add recipes.  Thanks everyone!  I'll be back soon :)
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  1. Family should come first and you certainly shouldn't put pressure on yourself to do the blog. Only do it when you want to. We'll still be here.
    Happy New Year to you when it comes.

  2. I can totally relate! 132 posts for 2010 is an amazing accomplishment! You deserve a break!

  3. WOWZER! I just read that you had 132 post for 2010! Once apon a time I blogged and I didn't get 100 in in TWO years! You are amazing! Good luck with your upcoming term. See you at book club, my dear friend.

  4. love your blog!! all the pictures seems so yummy!! happy new year 2011!!

  5. you are doing an amazing blog! always like your recipes.. even though I don't try all of them. but, I still wait what new recipe is gonna coming in your blog.. keep up a good work but don't push it too hard.. just enjoy it.. :)

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