Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Update...


First I want to just say I am sorry for the very LONG, and unplanned, absence.  Once the new school year started, I have found it increasingly difficult to maintain family, school, and the blog.  I hope all of you will accept my apology and wait for my return to blog land. 

Life here at my house has exploded with excitement since August.  I am in full swing with student teaching, which means the end is in sight--graduation is in December!  I now have a middle schooler, which is quite the adjustment for everyone, a 4th grader, and a 1st grader.  They are all doing incredibly well, but each is at different school which results in a lot of running around in the mornings.  My husband is working the dreamiest hours right now, day shift, which makes the balancing act so much easier.

I will close with a huge thank-you to all of you that read my posts, pin my recipes, and continue to support me even when I'm not around.  I appreciate all of you!

Happy cooking!

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