Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Readers...

No I have not forgotten about my little blog.  Though I haven't been cooking much, I HAVE been thinking about cooking and all the delicious recipes I want to make.  My husband has been doing a HUGE amount of cooking lately which allows me to study in the evenings.  I have a pile of recipes ready to try and many hopes that they will be on the computer soon.  There will be a few changes coming though.

First, I will not be doing price break downs anymore.  Most of you know that I buy flour, sugar, yeast and spices in bulk, and most of my butter, chocolate chips, and other baking items on sale or free if the timing is right.  I have a freezer stocked with chicken and beef thanks to great sales and the generous Christmas present from my parents.  I only buy fresh fruit and veggies that are on sale and make our snacks at home.  With all that said  you know that what I prepare is at the best price I can get.  The breakdowns are the most time consuming part of my recipe posting so alas, it has been cut. 

Second, during times that I am too overwhelmed with family, school, and work, I will have guest bloggers filling in for me or highlight a food blog.  If anyone is interested in doing a guest post or simply having their blog featured let me know!  I am all about helping and supporting my fellow bloggers. 

I look forward to spending more time here as I can and thank everyone for patiently waiting for me to re-organize.

P.S. I updated the photos of the Chicken Corn Chowder recipe. 
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  1. The price break-downs were great, but I can totally see how that would be very time consuming. I wish there was a program that would do it for you! (and me!)

    I'd be happy to be featured if you need something to fill in a gap sometime. :)